Presenting the 2023-2024 House Captains

New school year, new captains! The proud house captains for 2023-2024 are: Esmeralda for Neptune, Penelope for Vulcan, Costanza for Juno and Leonardo and Cecilia for Minerva. 
They will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.
They will serve as role models for their peers, particularly for younger students in their house, providing guidance, support, and encouragement, helping them adjust to school life and succeed academically and socially.
They will contribute to the development of a positive and inclusive house culture, creating an environment where every member feels valued, respected, and motivated to contribute to the overall success of the house.
Good luck to all of them. We are sure that their leadership, mentoring and organizational skills will help create a strong sense of community and promote the holistic development of all students involved.
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