We don’t have a deadline. Applications are ongoing through the year.
Yes, although assessment tests in English and Math will be necessary for children joining Elementary and Middle school.
In some grades, yes. Our admissions team is always available to provide detailed information on each grade year by year.
Siblings have priority but are not automatically accepted. Acceptance depends on the availability in each grade.
Our average class size is 18 students in Elementary and Middle School, with higher support in Preschool I, Preschool II and Kindergarten.
Yes. We have partnered with an experienced transport company to offer a minibus service to families looking for a transport option to and from school.
School starts at 8:30 am with class registration and ends at 3:00 pm from Monday through Friday. Depending on the year group, lessons range from 45 minutes to an hour, and there are 2 breaks of 30 minutes and 60 minute (lunchtime). We also have an early club beginning at 8:00 am and afterschool activities from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm (from Monday through Thursday).
Our average percentage is 65% Italian students and 35% international students
Yes. The school uniform is white and blue. It’s provided by our supplier, OVS. Families may purchase our uniforms directly from the online shop.
Yes. St. Francis partners with the company “Happy Catering” to provide a balanced and healthy lunch to our children. The catering company is also equipped to supply separate meals to children with certified allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements.


All types, we are a close-knit and supportive group, so if you share our passion and dedication to education then you are most welcome! We teach a US-based curriculum, but our staff room is very diverse and the ability to integrate parts of other curricula and use personal experience is a plus. We are particularly interested in those teachers that are looking for a longer-term fit, and therefore we will prefer candidates who are either Italian residents or be looking to relocate to Italy over a longer time period.

Depending on your choice of lifestyle and location to live, Rome is usually reasonably priced and comfortable, affordable living can be achieved in line with salary.

Accomodation is not provided for staff, but we can assist in helping to choose areas in Rome and appropriate agencies for rental and relocation.

Yes, of course. We are a non-denominational school, despite our name, and we welcome people of all backgrounds into our community.

We have used the online platform “Future learn’ to deliver CPD during COVID-19 restrictions, and since we are part of the wider RISA Rome schools group, the opportunities for face-to-face CPD in the future will be much more.

Many of our teaching staff have families and live outside Rome. Those who live in Rome have countless opportunities to relax, unwind and soak up the incredible culture.

There is a large Expat community in Rome, and the locals are usually friendly, although having some basic Italian makes a huge difference.

Good – there will be some requirements to take home (marking and reports), but teachers are generally able to enjoy their weekends and holidays.

Rome has many opportunities for Expats, but it is recommended that non-teaching partners do their own research first into the possibility of work opportunities in the city. Learning the language to a basic level is important, but there are many Expat groups to welcome you.

Very good – if you are attracted by the opportunity to live in a city with one of the richest cultures in the world, you will not be disappointed!

It is built into our ethos as a school, and we are proud to be an international school where all children, staff and parents have a voice and equality and respect are celebrated as part of daily

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