After School Activities

After School Activities

After-school clubs and activities seek to enrich our curriculum and provide children with a range of fun and engaging experiences. We provide a club for every child, from Dance, Art and Drama to Sports and Computer coding.

After-school activities run Monday through Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 pm.

We also have an early morning club starting at 8 o'clock for parents who would like an earlier drop-off time.

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Dance (EC) - Ms Valentina

The dance club will introduce children to a variety of forms of dance, modern and traditional. Children will work towards 2 performances through the year. Above all, it will be a lot of fun!

Creative play and stories (EC) - Ms Rona

We will explore different media and materials.
We will practise cutting and pasting skills, as well as moulding and constructing.

Drama (EC) - Ms Katia

In the Drama Club we will learn about acting using our bodies, facial expressions, and emotions. Learning Goals: Vocal Projection, Characterization, Confidence with Speaking, and Building Social Skills.

Art (EC and ELE) - Ms Elena

In Art club we will experiment with a range of media and styles to develop our own artistic voice. It should be very creative and a lot of fun!

Learning Spanish through play (EC and Ele) - Ms Maria

This club aims to introduce children to the Spanish language through fun activities such as puzzles, songs and games. No previous Spanish is needed!

Homework club (Ele and MS) - Various staff

This club will be run by school teachers and offer the children an opportunity to complete homeworks and further learning tasks, with support from the teacher. If there is enough interest, we will split the club to focus on certain groups of children

I.T. (Ele and MS) - Ms Lippolis/Mr Micheli

Children are introduced to basic coding and programming languages using popular platforms. We mainly use block-based coding language that offers children a visual experience and the easiest approach to coding. By playing their favourite video games, they “magically” write lines of codes. Each student has one computer at his/her disposal. However, collaboration is a key ingredient to successfully complete each activity. Coding teaches kids critical thinking, self-confidence, problem solving, perseverance and teamwork.

Electronics Club (scheduled for 2024)
(upper elementary and MS) - Mr Micheli

Children will learn to use online simulators to manipulate circuits.
They will progress to using a robot Arduino Kit (an extra fee will be required to purchase).


Reading and Books (Ele) - Ms Julia

We will set up cushions and bean bags in the library, and allow the children to just enjoy all things literary! This may be reading, writing poetry, hearing stories from the teacher – we will relax and have fun!

Games and Social club (Ele and MS) - Mr Johnson

Children will have a chance to play a variety of board games and also just to enjoy spending time together with some fun activities designed to improve their social and communication skills.

Sports (Ele and MS) - Mr Luca

We will use the garden (Gym in case of bad weather) to learn about a variety of sports, and games, both individual and team. The important thing will be that both girls and boys can have fun! If there is enough interest, we will run clubs for different age groups and possibly different sports.

Guitar (MS) - Mr Coda

The Guitar Club offers an opportunity for students to meet in an intimate and informal setting to further explore their interest in music and the guitar. During the year participants will be introduced to music theory and notation, and techniques required to play chords and melody on the guitar. They will learn the principles of rhythm and play songs individually and in groups. No prior knowledge of music theory or the guitar is required although it would be helpful. Students should have a guitar, even an inexpensive one, and need to demonstrate a willingness to improve through practice.

Please note that not all activities are available each term

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