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The Early Childhood department is designed for children three, four, and five years of age. The emphasis for three and four years old is to make the transition from home to school, as smooth as possible and to learn through play to develop skills, attitudes, and concepts. The five years olds (Kindergarten) enjoy a more structured program which includes alphabet skills, math, pre-reading, and writing activities.

Approaches to learning

Develops positive approaches to learning

Listens for different purposes (receptive language)

– Listens while others speak
– Follows directions
– Listens to and engages in conversations with others

Uses language to communicate in a variety of ways (expressive language)

– Communicates in home language
– Uses language to pretend or create
– Communicates conversationally with peers and adults
– Asks/answers questions
– Acquires new vocabulary

Discriminates sounds in speech (phonological awareness)

– Distinguishes sounds in the environment
– Repeats rhymes, simple songs, poems, and finger plays
– Participates in word games
– Discriminates some sounds in words
– Responds to music in a variety of ways

Uses written language to communicate

– Explores writing, using different forms
– Uses drawing and writing to communicate

Demonstrates knowledge of books and print

– Develops knowledge about books
– Develops knowledge about letter sounds and names
– Develops a sense of story

Develops number sense and numerical operations

– Develops counting concepts and skills
– Develops relationships between number and quantity
– Develops numerical representation
– Develops informal addition and subtraction concepts and skills

Develops understanding of geometry and spatial sense

– Explores shapes and their uses in the environment
Investigates position and location
– Solves spatial problems in everyday situations

Develops understanding of relationships and patterns in the environment

– Matches, sorts, and regroups by 1 or more attributes
– Orders/arranges in a sequence
– Explores patterns

Explores measurement

– Makes comparisons of objects, quantities, and relationships
– Uses measurement in meaningful ways

Explores data

– Collects, organizes and interprets data
– Represents data in a variety of ways

Increasingly, develops and refines gross motor locomotor skills

– Hops
– Runs with ease/direction

Increasingly, develops and refines gross motor balance and rotation skills

– Jumps
– Balances walking forward on a balance beam/line

Increasingly, develops and refines gross motor manipulative skills

– Kicks a ball
– Aims/throws objects at target
– Catches objects

Increasingly, develops and refines fine motor skills

– Increases strength and dexterity for upper extremities
– Uses small manipulatives with increasing strength and dexterity
– Develops scissor skills
– Develops pencil grasp
– Draws/writes with increasing control

Develops self awareness

– Demonstrates personal preferences
– Demonstrates knowledge of personal information
– Demonstrates emotional well-being
– Develops appropriate trust in adults

Develops self regulation

– Follows transitions and daily routines
– Follows simple rules
– Expresses feelings through appropriate gestures, actions, and language
– Demonstrates personal responsibility for self and possessions
– Follows self-selected plans for play
– Demonstrates respect for classroom property

Builds relationships with peers

– Recognizes feelings of others and responds appropriately
– Engages in interactive play
– Forms friendships
– Resolves conflict

Cooperates and collaborates as a member of a learning community

– Recognizes and accepts individual differences
– Participates as a member of a group/activity
– Uses social conventions
– Negotiates with others to change rules and suggests new rules

Meet the Teachers

My name is Rona McCallum and I am preschool teacher.

I am Scottish; I grew up and qualified in Glasgow. I lived for many years in Palermo, Sicily and held position as Transition teacher in the International Baccalaureate School. I came to Rome 6 years ago to be closer to my two beautiful grandchildren and was lucky enough to join Saint Francis!

I am passionate about teaching and encouraging small children to become curious learners. As part of a strong early years team at Saint Francis I have continued to grow professionally while stimulating young children to learn through play and build on their first language skills.

I am very happy to be part of the Saint Francis “family” and I very much look forward to meeting your little ones and having fun together!

I’m Mrs. María G. Vega actively Preschool Teacher Assistant. at Saint Francis. I’m from Mexico and received my Bachelor in Education and worked there for 4 years. I moved to Southern California where I lived several years, there I worked as a Bilingual Teacher Assistant for the Newport-Mesa School District for 4 years.

In 2007 I arrived to Rome and in 2009 I had the opportunity to become a permanent member of staff. After many years contributing to children’s education, Preschool level has become my passion. I love working with these young minds and enhancing their abilities.

Welcome to Kindergarten, my name is Emily Christou. I grew up in sunny Sydney, Australia. I love going on holidays anywhere there is a beach. Swimming and sunbaking are a must. I enjoy taking long walks and cooking for my family and friends.

As a teacher, I provide a caring atmosphere that gives children the freedom to experiment and explore.

Through the school day, I engage them, laugh with them, listen to their stories and allow space for the unique facets of each child to blossom.

I feel that it is important to motivate my students by showing them that I too am excited to be learning.

I believe in SMILING!!!!!!!

Pre-Applications are open for the 2023/2024 academic year.

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Pre-School (Age 3-4) 6.800,00 €
Kindergarten 6.800,00 €
Grades 1-2 7.800,00 €
Grades 3-4 8.100,00 €
Grades 5-8 8.800,00 €

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